Financial Services

Planning Alternatives LLC provides a full range of financial services.  Monthly financial reports include an income statement, balance sheet, aged accounts receivable, aged accounts payable, and bank statement.  These reports are designed to be easily understood so the Board members have a completely transparent accounting system.

Each association has its own checking and saving accounts and, depending on the association's requirements, certificates of deposit (CD).  There is never a co-mingling of one association’s funds with another association or with Planning Alternatives LLC’s funds.

Planning Alternatives LLC prepares a federal tax return (1120H) for each association.  The returns are reviewed by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) for a nominal charge prior to filing.

The Property Manager will assist the Board with the preparation of a well-developed and realistic annual budget.  The budget will reflect current information and the association’s objectives.  Long-term financial stability requires that the cost of major capital expenses be anticipated and funded.  If requested, the Property Manager will assist with the hiring of an outside consultant to conduct a reserve study.

When it is necessary, the Property Manager will work with homeowners who are delinquent in paying their assessments; in many cases accounts are brought current without further legal intervention.  If legal action is required, Planning Alternatives, LLC has a close working relationship with attorneys who provide collection services, liens, and foreclosures.