Managing Vendors & Contractors

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Planning Alternatives LLC has established relationships with experienced, reputable vendors and contractors who are able to provide high quality products and services that are required for a well-maintained community.  At the same time, we continue to screen suppliers and contractors so that we can assure client associations of getting the best value for their money.  All contractors must annually provide current proof of liability insurance and Workers’ Compensation, and tax identification information prior to starting a project.

Competitive bids may be taken for some products and services, depending upon the estimated costs and types of work performed and the direction of the Board.  Planning Alternatives LLC will manage the bid process and provide the Board with a package of proposals and its recommendations.  Once a vendor or contractor is selected by the Board, the Property Manager will be the primary point of contact for scheduling, site review, and any other issues.  Planning Alternatives LLC does not accept any compensation from vendors or contractors; there is never any action that could be a conflict of interest.



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Typical services managed by Planning Alternatives, LLC:  

  • Landscape Maintenance and Design, Irrigation Maintenance, and Snow Removal
  • Pond Maintenance
  • Building Maintenance including roofing and painting
  • Emergency Repairs and Maintenance
  • Trash and Recycling Collection
  • Safety and Security Systems and Elevator Maintenance in high rise buildings
  • Pool, Tennis Court, and Clubhouse Maintenance
  • Insurance as Defined by the Declaration
  • Professional Services:  Engineers, Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, and others as needed.